Working As a Minor

Here are some important details about working as a minor (under 18 years old):

  • Minors under 16 must always be accompanied by an adult. One guardian for every minor. If the guardian cannot be on set then a chaperone must be appointed to take their place (e.g. grandmother, uncle, trusted friend). See below for the Chaperone Appointment Form.
  • Minors aged 16 or 17 do not need to be accompanied by a guardian but a guardian must still complete the Minors Engagement Form.
  • Minors will always have an assigned representative on set designated by the producer to coordinate all matters relating to the welfare and comfort of such minors. If there are under six minors, report to the BG Representative with any questions and concerns. If there are over six minors on set then a Minors Coordinator will be there to help.
  • The parent or legal guardian must fill out the Minors Engagement Form and provide it once they arrive to set prior to the commencement of work.
  • The parent, legal guardian or chaperone must complete the Health and Safety certificate in order to be on set with a minor.
  • Minors will always have their own food table, separate minors change rooms, and a separate designated minors holding section.
  • Minors are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours. The maximum a minor can work depends on their age:
    Under 12 years: 8 hours maximum plus 1 hour unpaid lunch (9 hours total)
    12-15 years: 10 hours maximum plus 1 hour unpaid lunch (11 hours total)
    16-17 years: 12 hours maximum plus 1 hour unpaid lunch (13 hours total)

Minors Engagement Form

This form must be printed, completed and signed by the minor's parent or legal guardian and brought to set.

If you are the guardian of a minor 16 or 17 years of age, you do not need to accompany your child to set, but you must still complete the form and have your child bring it to set.

PDF Document
2 pages, 60 KB

Chaperone Appointment Form

If the parent or legal guardian cannot accompany their child to set then they must complete this form in order to appoint a chaperone.

This form must be brought to set in addition to the Minors Engagement Form.

PDF Document
3 pages, 130 KB